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We sell out our LP-album THE TAZMANIAN DEVILS - "WRECKTIME!".
Only a few copies are left in stock!
They have ONE small dog-ears on the cover but apart of that they are in a mint condition such as the vinyl inside!


1x LP The Tazmanian Devils - "Wrecktime!"
1x LP The Howling Wolfmen - "Asylum Rock"
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YES 15,00 €
The Rusty Robots - Tighten Your Screws...TAZ-LP 010
...and Dance To The Rusty Robots!

Schraube locker? Gut so! Trotz des Titels ändert diese Scheibe eh nix dran... Dafür werdet ihr unweigerlich der ungepflegten Tanzaufforderung nachkommen, denn in Sachen Wreckbarkeit steht die neue Scheibe dem Debüt natürlich in nichts nach. Diesmal hört ihr die Jungs allerdings weniger rumpelig in High Fidelity, und obendrein war auch noch As Diabatz-Carol bei einer Nummer am Mikro zu Gast, bevor sie sich um das Artwork gekümmert hat.

Robots Are Go / Go Psycho! / Vampire For Your Love / Robot In Love / Whishing You'd Be Dead / She's A Viper / Crazy Spaceman / The Lonesome Midnight Rider / It's Summer / Spiders In My Bed / The Journey To The Center Of The Earth / You Scream / United Kids Are Strong / Little Ghoul / Paranoia
YES 12,00 €
The Twitchblades - Off You Go!TAZ-LP 009
Brandheisse Debut-Scheibe der bezaubernden Berliner PowerPopPunk-Sensation mit 10 singalong-Hits von dreckig bis poppig in schniekem Kidnap-Artwork!

Drauf ist:

Ghost Town / Orders / It`s True / Surrender / Bombs and Food / Mess / Silly Song / Electrodes / Prisoner Of War / Sunbird
YES 12,00 €
The Fancy Dolls - Behind Broken WindowsTAZ-LP 008
12" Vinyl LP (2013) Authentic 80's PUNKROCK-NEW WAVE sensation with Laura and Salmi from The Tazmanian Devils!!!!

I Feel Bored
Everybody's Dead
Man Machine
Rich Kids
Girl Next Door
Kiss Me
I Just Came Around
Factory Of Death
Modern Man
Ashes To Ashes
Silly Boy
I'm Not Your Fancy Doll
The Kids Are Fighting
You're Too Fast
Farewell To My Love
Since I Have You
Mary Perkins
YES 12,00 €
The Rusty Robots - We are... TAZ-LP 007
12" Vinyl LP (2012) Legendary debut record of the oldschool-psychobilly trio!


We Are Robots
I Feel Bored
Gorilla Girl
Hidden In The Fog
I'm In Love
Boa Constrictor
Psycho Love Cat
Dancing In The Pyramid
Apache Man
Don't Go
Wooden Leg
A Forest
YES 12,00 €
The Frogs - Witch!TAZ-LP 006
12" Vinyl LP (2012) Their 2nd hit-record!!!


A1 Old Nick's Wine
A2 I Will Catch You With My Tongue
A3 Senile Dementia
A4 It's So Hard To Be A Frog
A5 Frogs Holocaust
A6 Joliboy (Album Version)
A7 Lost In A Train
B1 Witch !
B2 Mei Trasüü Che Trasaa
B3 Avalanche
B4 Venus Attack
B5 Last Of The Teenagers
B6 Gleis 13
B7 Red Riding Hood 2010
YES 12,00 €
The Howling Wolfmen - Asylum RockTAZ-LP 005
12" Vinyl LP (2011)
Debut of the Psycho/Neo-Hitmakers

  • Asylum Rock
  • Liars Trap
  • Hellstomp
  • Skeletons Dance
  • Billy The Kid
  • Keep Smiling
  • Constable Biggs
  • Tranquilizer
  • Time Machine
  • Six Strings For Pablo
  • The Girl Wants Money
  • Worth It
  • YES 12,00 €
    The Frogs - Revenge Of The FrogsTAZ-LP 004
    12\" LP (2010)
    comes in gatefold sleeve with great game inside!

  • Surfin At The Swamp
  • My Dog Bited A Junkie
  • Black Magic
  • Neighbourhood
  • Oi! Oi! Oi!
  • Lick My Back
  • Kaulquappenkrew
  • Revenge Of The Frogs
  • Ballad Of The Nerds
  • Mouche A Miel
  • Headache
  • Je Suis Vegetarien
  • Eibon
  • Mutation
  • Golden Shower
  • YES 14,00 €
    Tazmanian Devils - Rhythm'n'Psycho JamboreeTAZ-LP 003
    12'' LP (2009)
    blue 180g vinyl

  • Sinister Stomp
  • My Granny's Wild
  • The Mighty Desert
  • Leave Me Alone
  • I'm Stuck
  • Mr. Bartender
  • Daddy's Monster
  • Contaminada
  • Coffee Cup Man
  • Sputnik
  • Fear Of Darkness
  • I Don't Feel The Heat
  • Doggy Lovin'
  • YES 12,00 €
    Tazmanian Devils - Wrecktime!TAZ-LP 002
    12'' LP (2007)
    blue 180g vinyl

  • Bonnie in the Woods
  • Diggin' My Grave
  • Your Lock Don't Open
  • The Spider
  • Boogie Woogie Voodoo Hop
  • On The Run
  • Bad Luck
  • Wrecktime!
  • All I Wanna Do
  • Am I Dreaming
  • Creatures From Outer Space
  • Race Down The Alley
  • Coolest Cat In Town
  • It's Me
  • YES 12,00 €
    Tazmanian Devils - Evil BoppinTAZ-LP 001
    12 inch LP (2005) !!!!AVAILABLE AS RE-RELEASE ON CD PRETTY SOON!!!! Tracks:
  • 12 O Clock Shock
  • No More
  • Hot Rod Trip
  • Tonight
  • On Your Way
  • Mean Mean Man
  • Killing Kind Of Love
  • Evil Bop
  • Railroad Blues
  • Record Machine
  • Mary Lou
  • Beware Of The Martians
  • Other Side Of Town
  • SOLD OUT 12,00 €
    Retarded Rats LP - Lost in Space & lost in TimeSQ03
    brandnew hit-record from The Retarded Rats - Suzy Q Records YES 12,00 €
    Reverend Elvis LP + CD "Desperation"SQ02
    "DESPERATION" Reverend Elvis LP + CD !!! Dark and Evil, DeathCountry * RootsPunk *TeddyboyRevival Gospel of The Underground YES 15,00 €
    Black Claw - As The Fires DescendSQ 2.04
    Screen printed CD-Digipack limited (to 100 copies)

    4th release of the "Music your ears never heared before" Series by Suzy Q Records! Real Underground!

    13 Song CD of the extraordinary Black Claw from Canada!
    Darkcountry - Deathcountry!
    YES 10,00 €
    The Many Sides Of Joey JB Carter SQ 2.03
    Screen printed CD-Digipack limited (to 100 copies)

    JB Carter brings late 50ies early 60ies Teenage music at its Best! Heartbreaker!

    JB Carter who lives and work in Berlin/Germany is a real fanatic for his music and real musician you find rarely in this world today. He brings back the deep and dark beauty of the Teenage melodrama music of an long gone era. All songs of this album are self written by JB Carter – sad and lonely gems of music history!
    YES 10,00 €
    Reverend Elvis And The Undead Syncopators - Desperation & I Hate PeopleSQ 2.01
    Screen printed 2CD-Digipack limited (to 100 copies)

    The legendary LPs “Desperation” and “I hate people” as limited, selfmade & screen printed Digipack

    YES 10,00 €
    Reverend Elvis & The Undead Syncopators - Punk (Suzy Q. Records)SQ 001
    12" LP - Death Country / Blues / Rockabilly
    Brand new 14 track Vinyl from Reverend Elvis and the Undead Syncopators

    Presented by Suzy Q. Records - obscurities & underground
    YES 10,00 €
    Boigrub - Wenn Es Dunkel Wird...PTR 006
    The 1st band of Salmi (Singer/guitarist of THE RUSTY ROBOTS and THE FANCY DOLLS and guitarist of THE TAZMANIAN DEVILS) with their 1st CD-album from 2002.

    BoigruB was founded in 1996 and splitted in 2005. Punkrock in a real 80's oldschool style!
    20 tracks!!!

    1 Wenn Es Dunkel Wird...
    2 Bierbauchparty
    3 Anderes Land
    4 Deutschlands Straßen
    5 Der Schuh Von Susi Q.
    6 Herr Der Nacht
    7 Jugend Von Heute
    8 Elvis P. Vom Bodensee
    9 Nebelland
    10 Der Fliegende Tampon
    11 Auge In Auge
    12 Das Lied Vom Schnarchsack
    13 Boigrub - Theme
    14 Der Lustige Psychopath
    15 Faust Im Gesicht
    16 Du Bist Arbeiter
    17 Madlen
    18 Quedlinburg
    19 Alltägliches Verrotten
    20 Schokolade
    YES 10,00 €
    Wigsville Spliffs - Bord To Ride/Eyes On My BabyKill - 022
    New 7" single of the Klubfoot legends!!!
    YES 7,00 €
    X Ray Cat Trio - I LiedKill - 021
    The new 7" of X Ray Cat Trios from Leeds.

    The soundtrack for each Tarantino movie (and for that ones, that still doesn't exist)

    1. I Lied
    2. Ram Riders
    3. Lonely on a Saturday Night
    4. The Devils Come Rag
    YES 7,00 €
    Cult Of The Psychic FetusKill - 020
    Finally a 7" vinyl release of the Gothabilly legend Cult Of The Psychic Fetus

    The transparent singles are limited to 100 copies

    01 - The Morgue
    02 - Night In The Life
    03 - Out From The Grave
    04 - I Live With The Dead
    YES 7,00 €
    Radarmen - RadarmenKill - 019
    Debut release of these oldschool space psychos on 7" vinyl limited to 500 copies.

    01. Invasion of the Radarmen
    02. Interstellar
    03. Cosmic Kidnapping
    04. End of Line
    YES 7,00 €
    The Terrorsurfs - Surf Bomb/Loco DinosaurioKill - 013
    Classic and powerful pushing surf on 7" vinyl

    Limited to 500 hand numbered copies
    YES 7,00 €
    Black Lagoon - SeanceKill - 005
    This 7"-Single brings the absolutely darkness to your soul and to your ears
    A magnificent mix of Surf, Punk, New Wave and REAL drak sounds!
    Limited to 300 copies

    1. Seance
    2. Schizophrenic Death
    3. Possession
    4. Necaro
    YES 7,00 €
    Various Artists - Psychobilly Ratpack - Lesson 1 (Halb7 Records)HALB 47-2
    2007, Halb7 Records
    First volume of this Halb 7 Record series with eastern german psychobilly bands including The Tazmanian Devils

  • Thee Flanders - Molester
  • Thee Flanders - Misery
  • Thee Flanders - On Your Way
  • Tazmanian Devils - Diggin' My Grave
  • Tazmanian Devils -Railroad Blues
  • Tazmanian Devils - Your Lock Don't Open
  • Damage Done By Worms - Tommyknockers ´07
  • Damage Done By Worms - Bullshit'n'Horror
  • Damage Done By Worms - Midnight Express '07
  • Jumblers - Backseat
  • Jumblers - Big Colf Town
  • Jumblers - Asshole
  • YES 13,00 €
    The Rusty Robots - R2-D2EQ6
    7'' EP / 6 tracks

    special production for the "Psychobilly Earthquake", featuring some unreleased and demo material

    R2-D2 / She's The One / Spiders In My Bed / Robots Are Go / United Kids Are Strong / The Death Waits In The Valley

    Limited to 500 cps. / available here in black only
    YES 7,00 €
    BoigruB - Alltägliches VerrottenBW 13
    The 1st band of Salmi (Singer/guitarist of THE RUSTY ROBOTS and THE FANCY DOLLS and guitarist of THE TAZMANIAN DEVILS) with their 1st record on wax from 2002.

    BoigruB was founded in 1996 and splitted in 2005. Punkrock in a real 80's oldschool style! Here you have the chance to get one of the VERY LAST COPIES!!!

    1. Alltägliches Verrotten
    2. Bierbauchparty
    3. Du Bist Arbeiter
    4. Der Lustige Psychopath
    YES 7,00 €
    Salmi Salmiak - ColdA 001
    Self-recorded, self-printed, self-made Demo-CD of the solo project of Salmi Salmiak.
    Sad and dark New Wave that gets you down...

    1. Without You
    2. A Town Somewhere
    3. Cold
    4. Disco SS
    5. I Feel Bored
    6. A Forest
    YES 2,00 €
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